Special offers

Our special offers are valid from 03.09.2018 to 05.10.2018  on working days from Monday to Friday between  11-19 hours.


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60 minutes Aromatherapy massage

Original price: 9.000, Ft  Special offer: 7.000, Ft

60 minutes Warm chocolate massage 

Original price: 8.000, Ft Special offer 7.000, Ft

60 minutes Abhyanga, navarakizi rejuvenating massage with rice

Original price: 12.000, Ft  Special offer: 10.000, Ft


60 minutes Curative massage

Original price: 8.000, Ft  Special offer:  6.000, Ft


60 minutes Swedish/sport massage

Original price: 7.000, Ft s pecial offer: 5.000, Ft


60 minutes Lava stone massge

Original price: 10.000, Ft  Special offer: 8.000, Ft


60 minutes Ayurvedic full body massage

Original price: 10.000, Ft  Special offer: 8.000, Ft


30 minutes Ayurvedic head or back massage

Original price: 5.500, Ft  Special offer: 4.500, Ft

  Alpha-sphere deep relaxing treatment 2.500, Ft/treatment all year long!

25 minutes Apha-sphere 

Special offer: 2.500, Ft